It is the responsibility or each group to ensure that campers understand and follow the campsite’s rules and procedures. Each group must have a competent leader in charge to liaise with campsite staff. Campsite recommends a ratio of 1 leader to 8 campers (1:8). The group leader is responsible for camper supervision at all times. Campsite staff or their sub-contracted outdoor activity providers may instruct, lead, demonstrate or assist in an activity but the group leader is deemed to be responsible for overall group supervision and safety. The campsite will provide written information on specialised activities.



The campsite is to be maintained in a clean condition by the campers. Catered groups are required to clear tables for each meal. Other daily cleaning duties may be required and will be specified by campsite staff. Self catered groups are responsible for cleaning and maintaining all areas in a hygienic manner or clean up charges may apply.


For the health and safety of the hire group the number of campers sleeping per room must not exceed the number of beds.


Campers must not enter the camp prior to the allocated time and must not overstay the allocated departure time. All groups are requested to clean and vacate the accommodation areas by 10.00am on departure day unless by prior arrangements. Areas of the campsite are to be cleaned as directed by campsite staff and inspected prior to departure.

All equipment is to be returned and losses or breakages to be accounted for.

The campsite staffs need to address the campers as soon as practicable after arrival. It is the responsibility of the group leader to assemble the campers at a mutually convenient time. If group dynamics do not permit this then it is the responsibility of the group leader to convey the safety briefing to the campers according to campsite staff directions.


(i) Procedures

Emergency procedure notices are posted throughout the campsite and campers should make themselves familiar with the arrangements.

(ii) Fire Fighting Equipment

Extinguishers and smoke detectors are vital and are located around the site. These should not be tampered with or removed.

(iii) Fires

No Fire or BBQ may be lit on the property in periods of fire danger without the consent of Campsite staff. Fire restriction notices and Total Fire Ban Days must be strictly observed.


(i) Damage and loss

All breakages and losses to campsite property or equipment are to be reported to campsite management. Replacement costs will be invoiced to the group. Soiled mattresses will cost up to $80.00 for replacement.

Campsite takes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

Campers are only permitted to access the buildings to which they have been allocated.

(ii) Parking

All vehicle parking is strictly at the owner’s risk and only in areas as directed or sign posted.

(iii) Speed restrictions       Speed restrictions apply and are strictly enforced.

(iv) The environment.

The campsite is a sanctuary for flora and fauna. No camper is permitted to bring firearms, animals or pets onto the property or to disturb the natural environment. Care and commonsense should be taken when approaching campsite animals. Garbage and recyclable materials are to be placed in the designated areas.

(v) Alcohol/Smoke free environment

All buildings on the campsite are designated smoke free zones. Alcohol can be consumed subject to our liquor license provisions.

Chewing gum is banned from all interior buildings.

(vi) Out of bounds areas

Workshops, residences, surrounding property, power house and electrical switchrooms are ‘out of bounds” areas. Other areas including work sites, climbing walls and activity areas (ropes course, flying fox and trampoline) are ‘out of bounds’ as directed by campsite staff.


(i) Private calls

A public telephone is located within 50m of the site and should be used for personal calls. Campers can be contacted on (03) 5759 2530.

Messages will be passed on at a suitable appropriate time to staff and management.

(ii) Emergency calls

Campsite staffs are to be informed of any calls for emergency services and will make the business telephone available.


First aid is the responsibility of campers. Campers must provide their own first aid equipment and trained staff.


Mountain View Holiday Retreat is a service provider for accommodation and on site facilities. The staff and the management of the Retreat are not the supervisors, carers, or responsible for the direct supervision of children utilising facilities or services provided at the Retreat.


Programs and activities are only available with approval prior to arrival at the campsite. The campsite provides some specialist equipment for recreation and sports activities and these include low ropes course and flying fox. It is the responsibility of the camp hirer to provide adequately trained, experienced or skilled leaders for the activities undertaken. The campsite staff reserve the right to withdraw equipment or access to activities should the camper group not provide suitably trained, qualified or experienced activity leaders or be found abusing equipment. When campsite staff demonstrate, lead or instruct an activity they will take responsibility for the technical skills and related safety of campers. Group leaders are responsible for the supervision and behaviour of campers at the activity, to and from the activity and for those campers awaiting their turn. No specialised activities on site are to be undertaken without prior approval of campsite staff. The campsite can prearrange excursions to a variety of local attractions and activities. The group leader is responsible for identifying safety issues associated with an excursion and taking the necessary precautions.


Campsite management and its staff reserve the right to terminate the occupancy without notice for breach of the General Conditions for Hire. Campsite staffs are empowered to take action as may be deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the camp.


Group Leaders are asked to remind campers to respect each other, others personal property and the environment.

All noise should cease by 11.00 pm

Food and drink may only be consumed in the dining room, BBQ shelter areas, lounge areas or out of doors.


If you wish to vary or cancel your booking 28 or more days prior to your arrival, please call us on

03 5759 2030, to make the arrangements.

Once within the 28 days prior to arrival, there will be no refunds on cancellations.

For bookings made 12Months prior due to high demand dates NO REFUND of Deposit will be given if cancellation six months prior to arrival. In the event that the dates resell then a Refund of the deposit will be given and deposited into your nominated account.